IMUREGEN help to support the Immune System and improve Body Regeneration

Latest food supplement in the Philippines "IMUREGEN" help to support the immune system and body regeneration.

IMUREGEN is the latest innovation discovery in health and wellness to support and protect the body's immune system and cells against free radicals. It is comprised of Nucleotides, Peptides, Oligopeptides, Amino acids, Trace minerals, Vitamins, Iron and Salt.  The body needs all of these to keep the cells alive, healthy, create and repair defective cell.s A deficiency in any of these could lead to sickness or health issues which is why Imuregen is highly recommended.

Our everyday life is very busy and we need to support and take care of our body and the perfect food supplement that can be your partner in life is the IMUREGEN it promises that your have energy to support your active life.

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