Senatoriable Angelo De Alban wants to develop a better law in the Philippines

Youngest senatorial candidate for 2019 election Angelo De Alban wants to improve the law and run for the position independently.

To know more about Angelo De Alban below are his professional background:

As a Lawyer:

Angelo handles criminal and civil cases around the country traveling to Cebu Palawan and Cagayan De Oro regularly. He was the lawyer for a group of public school teachers in Laguna victimized by loan sharks and lawyered for at least 200 security guards and won almost Php 4 million settlement for them.

As a Teacher:

Angelo started teaching Philippine Constitution, Taxation and Tourism Laws in the University of Santo Tomas in 2008 up to the present. He married his former student.

As a School Co-founder/Vice-President:

In 2008, few months into teaching, Angelo co-founded with his family members a school for children with special needs. St. Philomena School: Kid's Comfort Zone, Inc. St. Philomena School is the only private school for special education recognized by the Department of Education in entire Bulacan.

Angelo wants to amend legislation and will not change the law but rather study and improve it for the betterment of the country.