Enchong Dee, Janine Gutierrez team up in Elise, a true-to-life comedy drama Regal Entertainment's Opening Salvo this 2019

Enchong Dee and Janine Guitierrez reunite in Elise, a dramatic-comedy movie, and Regal Entertainment, Inc's Valentine Offering.

Enchong and Janine previously worked in the horror movie Lila (2016)

This time, Enchong, a Kapamilya star, and Janine, a Kapuso star, pair up for a movie that tackles about finding your soulmate and seeking purpose in life.

What is special about this movie is that it is based on real-life- events, revealed director Joel Ferrer.

"It's a biopic romantic comedy that depicts event in the life of Bert [played by Enchong], who is quick-witted but sickly emotional and independent guy, who falls for Elise [played by Janine], who is a strong, tough, independent woman."

Early on since childhood, Bert developed feelings for Elise. But puppy love is not yet something that should be taken seriously.

Later on, they get separated to pursue education, chase their dreams for a bright future. 

In short, they move on with their lives.

But years after, their paths cross and old feelings get rekindled. 

But their situation is different now, they are not young kids anymore and love is not a children's game.

New struggles arise when their situations and people around them do not work in their favor.

Are they willing to beat the odds to be finally together?

Direk Joel clarifies that Elise is not just a love story.

"It's a long journey from start to finish, This is a story of finding your purpose in life. We start from naging sila na bata. ganyan.

"It talks about love, moving on, loving again, chasing, and finding your dream, and your values."

Janine explained,  "Elise is a lifelong love story about these people na parang their whole lives parang nag-iinterwine and mga buhay nila. Ang tanong ay magkakatuluyan ba ang first love nila o hindi."

For his part, Enchong points out that the fact that this happened in real life makes it a movie worth watching.

"Nangyari siya sa tunay na buhay. It's a biopic. Ang hirap kasi minsan tatanungin ng tao, 'Posible ba 'tp? Nangyayari ba talaga ito?' the fact that it's a love story na coming from a person na specially close to Direk, I think yun yungpart na maganda kasi may pinagkukuhaan kami ng tunay na kwento.

The film also stars Miko Raval, and introducing Victor Amastacio, Miel Espinosa, and Laura Lehmann.

This is Regal Entertinamen's pre-valentine offering, opens in cinemas on February 6.

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