World Class Products offer of SPVTOP For the Filipino

SPVTOP International Inc. is a multi business organization that caters to create opportunities for individuals who want financial success.

Last January 19, 2019 SPVTOP held a Grand Media Conference at Icon Hotel to introduce the benefits of their genius products were Press and Bloggers are present during the event.

As the country is known for being the Texting Capital of the world, Mr. Bricky Agcopra and his wife started their prepaid business in 2011, SPVTOP International Inc. And the best thing is the company made it into a proprietary self-loading technology venture designed to empower mobile users with self-discounts so they too make it into a very lucrative business opportunity.

The company has continued to grow over the years and has introduced even more breakthrough products so Filipinos would flourish with it.

With the combined power of internet, mobile phone and newly-developed agriculture, energy and technology-related products coupled with the expertise and skills of the management team, SPVTOP INTERNATIONAL INC. is determined to bring its dedicated leaders, distributors, members and the consuming public towards greater heights they have never been experience what is like to be on TOP!

The Genius Products

The G-Webphone App

If you're an OFW who's homesick, a businessman who needs to often call abroad, or a person who wants to connect with family in other countries, the G Webphone App is for you. It has the ability to text, do audio or video call, have video conferences, call landlines, satellite phones even if the other person is not online, anywhere in the world. It can be downloaded for FREE and be used 8 hours without charges upon registration. It is an affordable way to stay in touch and is made for Filipinos by Filipinos.

G-Bio Energy 

Everybody utilizes Electricity and Gas. If there is something common to all of them, it's how we can save while using it. 

The G-Power Patch removes electromagnetic flux and reduces wire heating. The system protects your home from electrical surges and lowers power consumption by fixing losses on lines. 

The USB G-Flash is a multi-purpose flash drive when inserted on PC and Laptop units can speed up processing. For car owners, just plug the unit on the USB Port and it will instantly work in a flash for better performance, cooler aircon, easy acceleration and fuel efficiency. If worn, it can also protect you from harmful radiation emitted by electronic devices. 

The G-Bio F Line has already helped a lot of Motorcycle riders (possibly millions more people) save on fuel. It gives more power to its motor and makes it fuel efficient giving you tons of savings in the process. The Cooking Gas Saver Kit is ideal for anybody that cooks at home, restaurants and establishments too. 


Made with 3 live micro organisms, (B' subtilis, B' pumilus and Lacto bacillus) this care help with farm in in agriculture, aquaculture, livestock and even waste management It brings back nutrients to the soil g and promotes regenerative farming. 


It is an organic fertilizer, sourced from animal bones, fish emulsion and selected ripe fruit. Its considered complete NPK or Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous. (tic in liquid form and certified organic. 


It is a natural pest control sourced from natural ingredients that are normally avoided by insects and pest It is also organic and helps cure fungus or pathogenic infestation in the leaves, stem or roots of the plant. The G-Bio Controls your natural defense for pest and insect infestation 

Both G-Bio Fruitmate and G-Bio Control are produced and manufactured through the initiative of Busikong Greenland MPC at Sitio Busikong, Brgy. Kibleg, Upi, Maguindanao in partnership with SPV-TOP international Inc. 


It is a Genius product of University of the Philippines Los Banos - Biotech Research Institute and has partnered with SPV-TOP INTL. 

It is a sand-based pure culture of twelve species of mycorrhiza fungi called vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM). The fungi infect the roots, form a close association with the plant when inoculated and assist the plant in the absorption of water and nutrients. The fungi can also prevent root infection by pathogens and increase the plant tolerance to drought.

G-Minds or Genius Minds 

This system has been featured several times in ABS CBN's Swak na Swak. This is an amazing, safe and effective way of learning. 

Done in 1-2 days, kids can learn how to distinguish colors and shapes fast, even when blindfolded. This would help turn kids to be on top of their class. Parents can also learn and see the workshop first hand which is designed to tap the full potential of the mind. 

To learn and discover about GMinds, you can visit their fb page: spvtopgmindsofficial

G-Web Mall

If you love online shopping, then head on to the G-Web Mall. Not only is open 24/7, it's where you can buy stiff as it teaches you how to have unlimited money for shopping. 

The Techno User SIM 

This is our SUPERSIM which can load phones in all networks. Ideal for those who i me generating business that can also be done in homes, sell it with lifetime discounts and want an book flights and hotels very soon. This has also been endorsed by popular actress Ms. Maui Taylor. 


It is easier to purchase these products and services through the SPVTOP Marketplace. Whether it is G-Minds, G-Webphone, G-Bio Energy, G-Bio Inoculant and more, members can use this as their digital storefront. The website is secured and can accept credit card and debit payments via MasterCard or Visa, Gcash, bank transfers or Cash on Delivery.

For more information visit their official website at