He Knows How To Take Care The People - Sen. JV Ejercito The Mr. Health Care

A person with the big heart who knows what the people need, willing to stand and fight for the people. He is Sen. JV Ejercito, the man behind the Universal Healthcare Bill or Mr. Healthcare. The said bill was recently passed and signed that turned into law.

The Universal Health Care law will transform the health seeking behavior of Filipinos. UHC makes medical consultation and several basic laboratory tests affordable and accessible. This will allow the people to value their health more by regularly consulting with doctors.

The UHC is one of the primary reasons I fought for the restoration of almost P16 billion funds for the Health Facilities Enhancement Program and the P7 billion for the Human Resources for Health of the Department of Health in the 2019 national budget.

Our work will not stop here. We will ensure sustainable funding for UHC. We will also continue working with the civil society organizations, the medical community, and other stakeholders to ensure the success of its implementation.

Sen. JV Ejercito Public Service Background

Senator JV Ejercito started his political career in 2001 when he was elected Mayor of San Juan. He served as the City Mayor for three consecutive terms, from 2001 to 2010. Thereafter, he represented the city in the House of Representatives for one term - from 2010 to 2013. On May 2013, JV Ejercito was chosen by the people to serve in the Senate. 

He is a Commissioned Reserve Officer of the Philippine Marine Corps, with the rank of Major. He is an adopted member of the Philippine Military Academy Class ’88 Maringal. Senator JV Ejercito is a recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Men award for Public Service and Governance in 2007.

This coming May election, Sen JV Ejercito is running again for the senatorial position and promise to continue making laws that will benefit the Filipino People.