Mayor Guia Gomez a Mother of San Juan City

One of the strong women of  today who is successful in many ways. With her look you will never be thought that she someone aged already and is turning 72 this coming April 20. Currently, she is the mother of San Juan City, Mayor Guia Gomez.

A woman who loves to talk about life and a successful mother who never thought that his son would become a senator (Sen. JV Ejercito). She shared that Sen. JV is truly a shy person at his young age, he is a responsible person and he knows what is right or wrong. She also shared one of Sen. JV's favorite food which is the Spanish dish called "Bacalao".

A lot of tips and advice were shared during our chikahan moment last week together with the bloggers. One of her motto that I like is "Whatever problems you encounter never forget to wear a smile because it will defy gravity."   

Mayor Guia Gomez achieves one of her dreams, which is to help people and for this year she will finish her last term as a mayor of San Juan City.