Back to Back Project of Arjo Atayde Bagman and Stranded

Arjo Atayde, one of this generation's interesting and versatile actor, is blessed with so many projects because of his prowess as an actor. His back to back project the BAGMAN and STRANDED are just two of his work that shows that his true to his craft.

On BAGMAN, which recently had successful treaming, he describes his character as one of the wildest roles he ever done. His character Benjo is a barber turned into a governor's henchman.

After the hit online streaming project of Arjo Atayde, he will also be seen on the big screen on this romantic film "STRANDED" under Regal Films. It's a movie where he is reunited with Jessy Mendiola. He played as Spencer, who lives his life to the fullest, without direction. Upon being locked in a building overnight, they discover things about themselves they never were there all along.

STRANDED is showing this coming April 10 in cinemas nationwide.