Sylvia Sanchez Portrays Her Dream Role In Jesusa

One of the veteran actors who always leaves a remarkable act, whether it's on teleserye or the big screen.  Some of her roles that made a mark to televiewers are Sonya in Hanggang Saan and Mina Eduque in the movie Mama's Girl.

In a pocket interview that I have attended last year with Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, she was asked if there's a role that she wanted to portray since she already did most of the roles. She excitedly said that she wanted to challenge herself and wishes to do a role of a drug addict mother.

It's a dream come true role/project for Ms. Sylvia this year 2019, she will be seen on a big screen with the film JESUSA.

It is already now showing, her role is about a woman who is addicted to prohibited drugs.

Below are some photos of JESUSA Film 

ESUSA is an official entry to Sinag Maynila Film Festival. The film opens on April 4, 2019. Please see below for screening schedules:

April 5 (Friday)
6:30pm - SM Megamall
6:30pm - Cinema 76

April 6 (Saturday)
1:30pm - SM Manila
6:30pm - Gateway (GALA NIGHT)
6:30pm - Black Maria

April 7 (Sunday)
4:00pm - Gateway
4:00pm - Black Maria

April 8 (Monday)
4:00pm - SM North
4:00pm - SM Manila
9:00pm - Gateway
9:00pm - Black Maria

April 9 (Tuesday)
9:00pm - SM Mega
9:00pm - Cinema 76