The Special Day of Mayor Guia Gomez

She is a good example of woman empowerment! She is a woman with a good record of being the Mayor of San Juan City, a person who has dreamt of helping the people in any ways, and a mother of one of the Senatoriables Senator JV Ejercito who is known as the Good One and Mr. Health Care. She is no other than San Juan City Mayor Guai Gomez. 

On her birthday last April 20, we had a chance again to know more about San Juan Mayor Guai Gomez and enjoyed an intimate chitchat about different topics. Some of which are her short showbiz career and how she met the former President and now Manila Mayor Erap Estrada. 

According to her, she was discovered when she was 17 and still studying in one of the colleges in Manila. The father of Direk Celso Ad Castillo discovered her and was managed by Larry Santiago. During her showbiz career, she was able to star in four films: Kwatro Kantos, Rancho Grande, Asiong Salonga and True Confession. 

Mayor Guia shared how happy she was when she received a gift from his son Senator JV Ejercito. She was also happy that his son is now doing good in the survey. Media and Bloggers, me of course, were so delighted to taste the much talk about Bacalao of Mayor Guia. This was promised that she’ll cook it on her birthday.  This is the specialty of Mayor Guia, it is a spanish style stew. Also, there are other mouth watering Lutong Bahay Food like Bulalo, Potchero baka, Adobong manok and baboy, rellenong bangus and fresh fruits. 

We are happy to meet again Mayor Guia on her special day even its her birthday we all are surprised that Mayor Guia is the one who gave gifts. Let's support and don't forget this coming May 2019 election, #26 Senator JV Ejercito.