A Day Touring One of the Notable City in the Metro: SAN JUAN

A city where the stories of our fallen heroes are foretold, where the historical places are preserved, and where there's always a big heart for the people, that's San Juan City.  Improving the lives of its people and transcribing forgotten places into a more useful development, like the Pinaglabanan Shrine... that is San Juan City. 

Currently, its Mayor, Guia Gomez, the mother of the city, is the one responsible for keeping the City of San Juan  as to what it is today. Mayor Guia is very keen when it comes to development and not just for her term but for the long term benefit of the city, for the use of the people. She is very accomodating and approachable and she dreamt of serving the people long enough to make San Juan city a better place to live for. Her passion of serving the people might have inherited by Sen JV Ejercito because after serving the people of San Juan, Sen JV build his career in serving more people by becoming one of the senators and currently he is running again to better serve more Filipinos. 

Recently,  Mayor Guia welcomed us Media and Bloggers for a tour in the different places of San Juan City.  Our first stop is her office which she showed us the development Sun Juan and how advance the city is today. 

We wer toured inside San Juan City Hall by Councilor Pacheco he showed us the Central Emergency Disaster Operations Center (CEDOC) which monitor landmarks and some areas in the city for the safetiness and immidiate response for emergency or cime.

We noticed even how big the San Juan City Hall is. Just wondering how they manage to maintain the cleanliness and peacefullness inside. Also I have noticed how corteuous and approachable their securities are.

The walls of San Juan City Hall are decorated with big and interesting murals. It depicts the beginning of San Juan, the Katipunan fight in Ipaglabanan, and the different major accomplishments of the people became mayors of the town. 

We also been to the Pinaglabanan Shrine with some few bloomed fire trees. 

Would you believe that the entire area of the current City Hall, the Pinaglabanan Shrine were part of El Deposito De Aguas. It is the first water treeating facility and depository of potable water in the coutnry. We visited its museum.

Continuing our tour, we visited the Museo ng Katipunan where we learned more about the Katipunan and Andres Bonifacio. 

The Sanctuario San Juan del Monte is one of the old churches in the city and is one of the witness of San Juan's great heritage. 

Inside Sanctuario San Juan del Monte

The San Juan National High School and the Science High School are part of the plan of giving education to the children of San Juan. 

The arena, shopping malls, old pipeline, parks and old houses are part of the growing and developing city of San Juan. A city that is groomed by its former mayor, Sen JV Ejercito and its current, Mayor Guia Gomez. 

A city that welcomes change and development.