FICTAP Partylist for the Better Internet Connectivity

Nowadays, Internet is a big factor for everyone because of its value and use such as giving information, as a tool of communication and many more. Currently, there are some areas in Metro Manila that has poor connectivity, areas in different regions with no access to Internet or people choose not to subscribe to Telco Companies who offer Internet because of its high cost. 

Because of this issue, FICTAP Partylist has a solution that aims for the improvement of Internet connection for everyone. They are pushing to have Free Public Wifi so that people can enjoy the benefits of connectivity and information. Also they are proposing Cellphone Users Act for the protection of consumers so that no Telco company would advertise falsely about unlimited promos.  Aside from the consumer protection, FICTAP also wanted to push the appropriate discounts and promos for the Senior Citizen,  OFW,  Student,  Mother and Teacher thru a Customizable SIM card.

These are their programs to push once seated in the congress.