GMA Network introduces XOXO, a new generation of divas

Get ready to meet a new roster of powerhouse performers as GMA Network introduces their newest all-female grouo composed of Riel, Dani, Lyra, and Mel collectively known as XOXO. 

Coming from the original singing competition 'The Clash,' these promising artists will combine talent and edgy personalities, with such irresistible harmony to its audience.

Riel, will showcase her superb vocals and strong personality as XOXO's "The Diva,"

The "Fierce and Sexy" Dani is "The Fierce and Sexy." Her sultry looks and grooves will complement the group's overall stance. 

"Tough Girl" Lyra is set to bring her graceful attitude to the group with every sizzling performance.

"Sweet Girl" Mel will be the soul of the group and will pour her heart in their numbers.

XOXO is set to release their own single soon under GMA Music. Make sure to catch their grand launch this saturday, August 24, 10:00 PM on GMA's Studio 7.

For updates, follow XOXO on their social media accounts: xoxo_gma, @xoxo_gma_mel, @xoxo_gma_lyra, @xoxo_gma_dani on Instagram and Twitter and @xoxogna Facebook.