The Public Servant Team of Mayor Arthur Robes and Congresswoman Rida Robes Aims For the Next Pride of the City

The good Public Servant Team of Congresswoman Florida Robes and Mayor Arthur Robes bring support to its people by improving the lives of their constituents in developing the facilities and infrastructure in the city.  With this effort and just recently, Mayor Arthur Robes was awarded by CSC as PAG-ASA AWARDEE 2019 because of his dedication as public servant. 

One of their accomplishment in creating the city as the next destination in Luzon is the achievement of being the World Guinness Record holder of the Largest Lantern Parade which consists of 14,173 people.  It was achieved by The City Government of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, on 19 September 2017. As part of their continuing effort, this coming December, Congresswoman Rida Robes shared that they will be joining again for the Guiness World Record for the Largest Living Nativity to beat the record of United Kingdom.

As of the moment they are now on the planning stage. Let us hope that the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan achieve that record to be the next pride of the city.