Rida Robes the Ambasador of Sunfull Internet Peace Movement

The result of her love and care for the people has been noticed by Sunfull Foundation. Her purpose is to help the people and bring back the smile/meaningful life because of her effort  Congresswoman Rida Robes is now the Ambassador of Sunfull Internet Peace Movement that helps to address depression among the youth.

Congresswoman Rida shared that she was a victim of bullying before because of her fair complexion, people bashed her and receiving harsh word that hurt her feelings a lot, but she overcome this situation because of the proper guidance of her parents.

Rida notes that when relationships between parents and their children are not healthy anymore — say parents who work abroad or parents who leave the house early and come home late because they need to work elsewhere — the home tends to become an empty shell for the young ones.

Stressful loads in school are also a factor to mental health issues of the students, she notes.

Of course, social media is also a culprit, Rida adds.

Now that a lot of constructions of facilities happen in San Jose Del Monte, Congresswoman Rida is working hard to put up a mental health wellness. In fact, House Bill No. 2383 (an act establishing a mental health clinic in the city) has been approved in the committee level in congress.

Congresswoman Rida advocacy is for mental health, this is her agreement with the youth that she will be there for them, continued support and to work hard as a public servant.