Get to know why SJDM honorable Mayor Arthur Robes bag an award

When you do good you will be blessed like the Mayor of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan Arthur Robes who received lots of recognition and awards for being an excellent public servant.

He is caring, with a big heart, and his top priorities are for the good of the people, that's why BulaqueƱos has a huge respect for him. Infact, this Morning they are all present in the early Mass, even the indigenous people showed their support which was recognized by Mayor Robes during his speech. 

"All the accomplishment and awards  that I received is the award of the whole city because of the effort of BulaqueƱos to improve/develop and make the city beautiful and tagging the San Jose Del Monte Bulacan as a Rising City and maybe the next highly urbanize in the country" - Mayor Arthur Robes.

Mayor Robes' birthday is coming and his wish is already fulfilled, one of which is, he is  the highest award for local government the SGLG award  that's why  he cannot ask for more for his birthday but to have a good health to continuing his commitment for the progress and improvement of the city.