Kiel Alo "Ako Naman" Birthday Concert

It's a dream come true for a performer to hold a concert, to showcase their talents, and give joy for the people who believe in them, like Kiel Alo who just had a successful concert in Music Museum.

Hugot King, Kiel Alo, has a powerful voice who performed during his birthday concert together with the veterant singers Mr. Jun Polistuco and Ms. Eva Eugenio. 

Seeing a great performance from Kiel Alo along with his brothers in the singing industry LA Santos, Carlo Mendoza and Orville Mendoza has a wonderful blend of voice that you can see while how performing their pieces together with the feel of their strong bond in their performance.

Since this is a special night for Kiel Alo and the title of the concert is "Ako Naman"  he surprise us with his sizzling dance performance.