Althea Ablan and Julius Miguel, A Match or Mismatch Love Team?

One of the Prima Donnas lead star, Althea Ablan, who plays the role of Donna Belle, is paired to one of the Kapuso young actor, Julius Miguel, in this afternoon drama series. To most of the viewers who have seen the chemistry of the two, they find it interesting. But for us, well, we will try to find out more. So, are the two young actors really click as a love team or a mismatched couple trying to be a love team.

In some parts of the series where they both met, it seems that they are quite opposite poles. So, it might have a cute impact on them being cat and dog. There are some stories online that the two are already developing closeness to each other, off cam probably, because I haven't seen a scene yet that their characters are close already.

I'm also seeing some online photos of the two together. With their love team name TheaGuel, I can say it is quite interesting, but in the drama series, they were much preferred as Team Siopao.

The coined TheaGuel love team name is like a Filipino word "tigil" or in English "stop" like I mentioned is quite interesting who would want to make them stop if they have the chemistry.

So, do they have the love team chimestry? Well, it's probably too early to say because they just started building their closeness. Maybe the awkwardness still lies and will only build up in a few more months of working together. But I like the concept of how they start their getting to know each other, a cat and dog-like image quarreling whenever they see each other.

I will try to see more of the two in the following months, most probably after the Covid-19 crisis.