FDCP releases Memorandum Order 3 in line with the Enhanced Community Quarantine and the Stringent Social Distancing Measures

In line with the Memorandum from the Executive Secretary released March 16, 2020 directing agencies to coordinate, and implement guidelines on the imposition of an Enhanced Community Quarantine and the Stringent Social Distancing Measures over the entire Luzon, including NCR effective March 17, 2020, FDCP hereby adopts the following relative to the audio-visual industry and community:
1. All productions and activities on film, television programs, and other audio-visual contents are SUSPENDED in the entirety of Luzon, including NCR, for the duration of the quarantine.
2. As only those private establishments providing basic necessities related to food and medicine shall be open, companies, establishments, and organizations in the audio-visual industry, from pre to post-production and film exhibition must close their offices and adopt work from home arrangements for workers. This is with the exception of media outlets for the purposes of news coverage who must adopt stringent social distancing measures and skeletal work force as well.
3. Pursuant to the Civil Service Commission Announcement No. 13, S. 2020, the FDCP is adopting a work from home setup for all its employees. Hence, the FDCP Office will be closed and will not receive documents until further notice. All transactions and communication shall be taken online. 
Failure to abide by these set guidelines and those announced by the national government shall be subjected to appropriate action, including criminal, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.