The Love Teams of Prima Donnas-JilVin, SoWill, and TheaGuel-Who's More "Bagay?"

Airing on the Kapuso Network before the COVID-19, The Prima Donnas somehow inflicted a few "kilig moments," particularly in the afternoon where most of the moms and teens are watching. The beauties of Jillian Ward, Sofia Pablo, and Althea Ablan are not only made to cry down their tears but also for some kilig and sweet incidents.

So, have you seen these girls together with their leading men? Well, they have been showing off some of their acting skills already and have a bit of proof that they were able to make good chemistry on the screen. Since the girls bear different personalities, I think the director, Ms. Gina Alajar, made sure that the teaming up of the love interests will have different stories and different angles.

For Jilian Ward, her pairing for her partner in the teleserye made a bit of intriguing story. A rumor spread that she will be the partner of Will Ashley, but it turns out that Vince Crisostomo was the expected actor for her. Thus creating 'Jilvin.'

For Sofia Pablo's love interest, I don't have much of a story about her, but during the flow of the story, she was being partnered with Will Ashley, the one who plays the character of Nolan. The birth of their love team called 'SoWill'.

For Althea Ablan, the pairing for their love team is quite intriguing because the characters they play in the teleserye is like cats and dogs that quarrel whenever they see each other. She is paired with Julius Miguel playing the role of Uno, a hot-headed friend of Cedric. The team Siopao or 'TheaGuel.'

Among these three created love teams which pair do you think brings a much more kilig factor?