Elijah Alejo receives her Youtube Silver Play Button after almost a decade

It seems that today’s generations of artists are not only sticking with just one platform, being an actress or actor isn’t enough for them one must also have a youtube channel. Yes, and it is becoming the norm of every celebrities. So, for those who are entering the showbiz industry must not only have on but the ‘cumpletos recados’ of being an artists (actor or actress), endorser, influencer in different social media platform, and also as a youtuber/vlogger. And we can admit that having a YouTube Channel doesn’t only give us fame but also the moolah or the potential earning that it can give. 

One of the young actresses in the GMA TV Series Prima Donnas, Elijah Alejo, has finally received her YouTube Silver Play Button. It was featured on her social media accounts and as way of her thank you to all of the subscribers of her vlog she did a simple giveaway. 

If you look at closely or if you check the vlog/channel of Elijah in the listing of SocialBlade.com her channel started around 2011 which is now almost a decade. Well, we can assume that she wasn’t that famous yet that time and she only gained her stardom when she became part of the Prima Donnas cast. Probably that was the time her channel went boom and it reached her Silver Play Button, which is equal to a 100,000 of subscribers.  

With her channel reached that amount of subscriber would probably rake her a interesting amount to augment her postponed project in the showbiz industry. It is really a good payout from Google.  

That is why a lot of celebrities are now into creating their vlogs or YouTube channel because they found out the potential and the possibility of having a passive income. 

For Elijah, we all know that she has a lot plans with her life and hopefully she continuous to be as generous as she is to her fans and subscribers. Being an actress sometimes put you in a situation where sometimes you’re up and sometimes your down.