Pharmacist by Profession, Content Creator by Passion: Meet Marvin Fojas

MANILA, MAY 2020 -25-year old Marvin Ramirez, aka Marvin Fojas, has recently found fame online. While he spends his days working as a Licensed Pharmacist, he discovered that his true passion is content creation. “More on the creative side kasi ako na person, so fulfilled ako pag may ginawa ako na something creative,” he shares.
Marvin posts original videos on TikTok that showcase his personal brand of comedy. His situational skits on student life are both relatable and hilarious. These are often inspired by his experiences as a public school student, but he also gets ideas from comments and messages sent by fans and followers with their own funny student life stories to share. 
Here's one of Marvin Fojas' student life comedy videos:

Of all the themes that he could use for his videos, Marvin chose student life, believing that many people can enjoy this topic. “Well, noong una, I wanted to create content na maraming makaka-relate since syempre lahat naman tayo student or naging student,” he says.  “Mas mae-express ko yung sarili ko and at the same time, maraming makakarelate kahit matanda na. Syempre ma-re-reminisce yung mga student life nila and kahit yung mga current students, makaka-relate din.”

Click here to watch another funny student video from Marvin Fojas.  

A recent post of his that went viral was one where Marvin incorporated some clips of Pasig mayor, Vico Sotto, into one of his classroom scenarios. The post now has over 190k likes on TikTok. Check it out here.


When an idea for a new video comes up, Marvin makes sure to write it down so that he won’t forget it. This bank of ideas comes in handy, especially since he believes in posting frequently and consistently. “Parang spontaneous lang ako eh. Wala akong plano talaga kung ano yung gagawin ko bukas, pero once na may magpop-out na idea sa’kin, itatake note ko.” He adds, “Nag-iipon din ako pero hindi ako yung totally planned out lahat. But I consistently post content. I posted a minimum of 2-3 videos a day for over 2 months without a miss. Consistency is key!”
For those who are just starting out as content creators, Marvin has this piece of advice to share. “Yung message ko sa kanila is to pursue. Still do their passion, pero hindi naman necessarily na iiwan na nila yung ginagawa nila. Syempre hindi lang naman sa work, hindi lang naman sa profession nauubos yung lahat ng oras natin. We still have time outside of our work, so ipursue pa rin natin yung passion natin, kahit pagsabayin. If you really love something, you will find time to do what you love.”  
Here’s Marvin doing what he loves – Making others laugh through his content.  

As for why he chooses to pursue his own passion for content creation, Marvin says, that the positive feedback from his fans and followers keeps him going, especially during the months under ECQ. He tells us, “Maraming nag-ko-comment, maraming nag-me-message na dahil daw sa ’kin nawawala yung boredom nila. Yung iba may pinagdadaanan, may anxiety issues, may depression. Parang hindi ko in-expect na ganun kalaki pala ang impact ko sa mga nanununod sa akin. Kaya mas makakapag-drive rin ng passion yung mga ganun.”
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