TikTok EnTRAPs Users with Debut of First-Ever Korean Drama

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, JULY 2020 – K-drama fans of Kim Dong Han can now get to watch her together with popular actors Woo Davi, Park Lee Hyun and Son Hyun Woo when TikTok, the short-form video app with a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, unveils the first episode of its new Korean drama ‘TRAP’ on 30 July 2020. 

‘TRAP’ co-produced by TikTok and tvN D, is the drama set to be an addictive mix of romance and thriller, and expected to be as riveting as other past dramas produced by tvN D. It is centred around university students in their twenties and unfolds the intricate story of love, temptation and betrayal. Parts of the story that cannot be told through the main episodes, such as the inner conflict and intimate feelings of the protagonists, will be released as hidden clips on TikTok.

At the beginning of the drama, the leading characters each create a TikTok account and actively engage on the platform, including following their friends and lovers on TikTok and liking their videos. TikTok takes it a step further by creating an immersive experience for the audience. After viewing the drama, fans can look forward to communicating with the main characters on TikTok and involve themselves even deeper into the story. 

There will be a total of 12 nail-biting episodes, which promise to hook viewers from the start. Fans on TikTok will also get an exclusive, first-hand view of ‘TRAP’ one week before the episodes are uploaded onto tvN D’s YouTube channel. 

TikTok strives to bring joy to its global community through its diverse array of content. It plans to create a new type of Korean drama with hidden clips, following the production of interactive content last year.

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