Historic Filipino blockbuster film, "The Hows of Us", Comes to iTunes Store today and to Google Play on November 3


It's almost weekend and here's a blockbuster Filipino romance to add to your watchlist to crank up the comfort in your ongoing COVID-19 do-everything-from-home experience.


"The Hows of Us" -- Filipino cinema's historic record breaker in the box office in 2018 -- officially comes to iTunes Store today, October 22, and to Google Play on November 3.  It is currently available on Amazon Prime Video and iWantTFC platforms.


Directed for ABS-CBN Star Cinema by award-winning Filipina director Cathy Garcia-Molina, co-writing the screenplay with Carmi G. Raymundo, Crystal S, San Miguel and Gillian Ebreo, the film stars Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, one of the most popular and power reel and real life couples in the Philippine movie industry for the last decade.


"The Hows of Us" is about two college students, George (Bernardo) and Primo (Padilla), who fall in love. George is into science, wanting to become a doctor. Primo is into the arts, aspiring to hit it big as a band musician.  George inherits a house from her grand aunt where she and Primo decide to live together while dreaming of success in their respective fields and pledging undying support for each other no matter what.


But life became real: Primo fails to get the big break he's been working for. George continues to be faithful and supportive, but a frustrated Primo turns into a difficult person with a capacity for prideful arrogance, creating a nimbus of exhausted love for the couple.  It reaches a point when George gives up... and Primo walks away.  Is there still a second chance at love for this couple who once professed together forever to each other? 


For her performance, Bernardo won Best Actress at the 35th PMPC Star Awards for Movies and Entertainment Editors' Choice Awards for Movies (EDDY'S) in 2019. 


More good news is that the star couple also has a new groundbreaking film -- a digital movie series - entitled, "The House Arrest of Us" which becomes available starting on October 25 to viewers worldwide on iWantTFC and TFC IPTV, with a new episode dropping every Sunday (Manila time) henceforth.


For more information on "The Hows of Us" on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and iWantTFC and "The House Arrest of Us" on iWantTFC and TFC IPTV, visit mytfc.com/movies.