Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4, A Powerful Devices to Entertainment and Instill Productivity

Interestingly powerful phone, continue to read, and you'll know what it is all about. 

Today, smartphones are not a luxury but a necessity. It is just a matter of equating the use of the device, whether for entertainment or productivity. But because of the pandemic situation, more people are leaning towards getting to the work-at-home trend. The work now requires fast, effective, and dependable gadgets. Powerful enough to make the jobs done. 

Two words do define the new trendy smartphone in the market, Speed and Power. But the best description for this device is Power. Yes, it is the best word as it displays interesting features to describe its Power. 

Just this September, a new name rolls out in the gadget and smartphone market, the Tecno Mobile. With this brand comes the model name Pouvoir 4. A model name that is quite hard to mention, but describes the quality of the product. Pouvoir is a French term for 'Power.' A brand that will probably outlast other names in the market when it comes to energy.


Tecno Mobile Pouvior 4 and Pouvior 4 Pro models come with different features that will entice consumers to buy one for their own.  So, here are the features and my observation about its features. 

The 7" screen of the Pouvior 4 delivers an explicit and quality entertainment feature. Great for gaming and watching your favorite Kdrama series. A better view of the movie and an outstanding play of a game. Its 7-inch display screen shows a 90.55 percent screen ratio with its 480-nit brightness capabilities. 

The 6000mAh battery gives an assuring life span of battery use of the phone and its features. Interestingly, this phone provides more time for playing and watching without worrying about running out of energy. If it is in regular use, the phone can run up to four days with just a single charge.


The Pouvoir 4 camera comes with a 13MP AI quad-camera, plus two 2MP cameras and an AI lens at the rear, and an 8MP dual flash camera at the front. Its main camera is packed with F1.8 big aperture and 8X digital zoom with a 77-degree shot angle that produces HD video recording function. The phone also comes with a low light video record mode that automatically brightens video shots in the dark. This phone is a perfect match for starting Youtuber because of its video features. 

Its power features a 32GB memory storage and a 3GB RAM for Pouvior 4, while the Pouvoir 4 Pro comes in two, a 64GB memory storage and a 4GB RAM and a 128GB memory storage and a 6GB RAM. It is an option for us, consumers, to pick what is best for our lifestyle. The phone is operating on HiOS 6.0, which is built on Android Q. 

For a content creator like me, this smartphone is a gadget that I can use every day without worrying about charging. 

Price and affordability is another thing to check out about this phone. The TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 is only Php4,590.00, while the Pouvior 4 Pro has two prices for the range of its memory storage, a Php5,990.00, and a Php6,990.00. Now, if the power of the phone is comparable with the other brands, I'm sure its price insanely affordable. 

Other exciting features are the face unlock, fingerprint sensor, its unique button at the side to wake up a Virtual Google assistant, and its elegant design and color names (Ice jadeite, Cosmic shine, Fascinating Purple for the Pouvoir 4 and Fascinating Purple, Misty Grey and Ice jadeite for Pouvoir 4 Pro).    


Seeing through and experiencing the power first hand, I can say that the TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 is a perfect phone for people doing productivity and entertainment.

For a content creator like me, I can do more because of the power it has. More time to shoot videos, better monitoring of all social media accounts, and more online press conference. 

And if you're an aspiring Content Creator you should have this TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 as your investment in the content creation industry. 

The Pouvoir 4 is available at partner retail stores.

For more updates, visit www.tecno-mobile.com/ph. Follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on facebook.com/TECNOMobilePH and get a chance to win your own Pouvoir 4.