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More industries are transitioning to digital ways of working, and healthcare is no exception. While it is not without its challenges, there are huge benefits to be gained from the digital transformation of healthcare, both from a practitioner's perspective, as well as that of a patient. 

Automated administrative tasks allow health workers to put more focus on their patients. Improved communication between practitioners, along with AI that minimizes human error, can result in better patient outcomes. The ability to collaborate globally on research and data analysis helps in the advancement of treatments and procedures. Mobile technology has also made it easier for patients to connect with specialists for appointments and consultations. These are just some of the advantages of a digital shift in the healthcare industry worldwide.

In the Asia Pacific Region, three health institutions have turned to Lark as their digital tool of choice for a more technology-driven workplace. One is Singapore-based WL&H Medical, a pioneer in Personalized Precision Medicine in the region. The company was struggling with outdated manual human resource processes, and incurring additional expenses from having to pay for multiple programs and apps for team management and communication. 

Through Lark Workplace, the company is able to streamline processes such as filing of leaves, and reimbursement approvals. Internal communication has improved for them through Lark Messenger, which is integrated with Lark Docs and cloud storage for sharing files. With unified scheduling over Lark Calendar, staff members can now see all events that are relevant to them in just one place, eliminating the need to jump between multiple calendars. And, because all the necessary tools and functions are already found within Lark, the company is able to save on app costs as well.

Another Singapore-based company that uses Lark is WhiteCoat. This company offers telemedicine and tele-treatment consultations through a mobile app, giving patients affordable and accessible healthcare from a dedicated team of doctors. Their main challenge was how to make communication between regional teams seamless, especially with the language barrier between their Singapore headquarters and their division in Vietnam.

Using Lark Video Call, Lark Mail, and Lark Messenger, WhiteCoat's communications are now centalized within Lark. The app's translation function for messages and documents, as well as automatic translation through subtitles within a video call, has helped the team overcome the language barrier that they struggled with. Because of this, WhiteCoat's employees are now able to collaborate more efficiently. Better communication has also resulted in better teamwork for this company. And, since they now can work from anywhere, WhiteCoat's remote workers have also become more productive through Lark.

In Japan, Niigata College of Medical Technology faced the problem of how to continue training health practitioners who are also active frontliners in the battle against Covid-19. Lark provided this institute with a solution that allows them to continue to deliver high-quality training and education, while practicing social distancing. 

Through Lark Video Call's Magic Share feature, which allows presenters and meeting attendees to share and collaborate on files within a chat window, Niigata College has been able to effectively simulate the classroom experience in a virtual setting. Training materials and other information are conveniently shared and accessed on the cloud, and Lark Docs has become a private and secure means for students to submit assignments in class. Lark's AWS certification, which complies with the strictest rules regarding cloud computing, assures both educators and students that their data is always safe.

Lark is easy to learn and adapt to, and is always free for remote teams to use. Download the app today to find out how Lark can help transform your business for a digital future. To learn more, visit

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About Lark

Lark is the next-generation collaboration suite that enables teams to do their best work together. The suite primarily consists of Lark Mail, Lark Messenger, Lark Docs, Lark Calendar, Lark Meetings as well as Lark Workplace which integrates third-party applications. All functionalities are deeply integrated into a single app, which is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Serving clients from across the globe, Lark is headquartered in Singapore.