Sisterhood and life happening in between in the Star Cinema film “Four Sisters Before the Wedding”

This 2020, Star Cinema gives viewers a peek at the past and know the story of the Salazar sisters via the film “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” which can be seen outside the Philippines via iWantTFC, TFC IPTV, and starting December 11.


The film is the prequel of the 2013 box-office hit film “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” where viewers first got to meet the Salazar sisters TeddieBobbieAlex, and Gabbie with their youngest and only brother Rebreb.


Four Sisters Before the Wedding” takes the viewers back in 2003 when sisters TeddieBobbieAlex, and Gabbie are starting to realize the realities of adult life—from accepting failure down to their first heartbreak.


As if transitioning to adult life is not complicated enough, they find themselves working together to save the marriage of their parents that are on the brink of falling apart.


Giving life to the characters of TeddieBobbieAlex, and Gabbie are the young actresses Charlie DizonAlexa IlacadGillian Vicencio, and Belle Mariano, respectively, under the helm of the box-office hit director Mae Cruz-Alviar.


Also part of the cast are Carmina Villaroel, Dominic Ochoa, Irma AdlawanKakai BautistaCai CortezJameson BlakeJoao ConstanciaPinky AmadorClarence DelgadoMinnie AguilarBoom LabruscaJenny MillerJeremiah Lisbo, and Gigi de Lana. The movie is distributed by CineXpress.


Is Teddie really their mother’s favorite? What happened in the past between Bobbie and Alex? Has Gabbie fallen in love before? And most importantly, will they get to save their parents’ marriage?


Find out the answers on December 11 as “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” becomes available outside the Philippines via iWantTFC, TFC IPTV, and


For iWantTFC subscribers, you may purchase tickets now on the iWantTFC app or and stream it starting December 11. You may stream the movie for 48 hours upon purchase.


On the other hand, for TFC IPTV subscribers, you may go to the “Shows and Movies for Rent” category, click on “CineXpress, choose the film “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” and click the green button to rent. You may stream the movie for 48 hours upon purchase.


While for those who will watch via, go to, under CineXpress click “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” and choose a date you prefer to watch the film. You may stream the movie for 48 hours upon purchase.


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