TECNO Mobile's Spark 6 Go Feature and Review Recommended For Thrifty Juans

In this so-called new normal, we all need that little spark in our lives. And since we are mostly in the digital space, a bit of spark gives hope for us and can lead us to a very long journey, even though we are all now working or studying from home. TECNO Mobile, one of the rising smartphone brands in the market, brings that spark for all of us with their latest released brand model called the TECNO Spark 6 Series, namely the TECNO Spark 6 and TECNO Spark 6 Go. 

The Spark 6 Series comes in three (3) variants – Spark 6 4GB RAM+128GB, and Spark 6 Go in 4GB RAM +64GB and 2GB RAM+32GB. These all have a high performing, impressive battery life span and a sleek, simple yet bold design. 

These two models are called the smartphone for the masses because of its affordability. Of course, without compromising its durability and power. For us, who are mostly in the lower middle class, we are always looking for the best deal bundles that we can find and knowing that these Spark 6 Series only range from Php4,000 to Php6,500. Probably one of the best gifts that we can give to ourselves or our loved ones, especially now that it is the season of giving.

For this feature and review, I'll be sharing my thoughts about the TECNO Spark 6 Go with 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage. So, before we start buying and giving gifts, let me share first the features of this smartphone and what I thought about it. 

Sharing the features first, which you have probably seen on most of the press releases and features of tech sites. So, what are its cool features?

  • This smartphone has a 13-megapixel AI Dual camera and an 8MP front camera. The AI lens has 18 different scene detection, up to 95% recognition rate, and upgraded algorithms. The 13-megapixel primary lens supports 4x digital zoom with an F-1.8 big aperture that captures more light at night and processes image details more finely.
  • Various shooting modes for the AI Dual camera, including Bokeh, AI Beauty, and AI HDR, among others. Full picture details and quality are well improved, plus a dual rear flash fills light in dark environments to ensure better photos.
  • It has a Bluetooth Audio Share feature that can connect to multiple wireless Bluetooth headsets at the same time, enabling users to listen and watch with friends.
  • A 6.52 inches dot in display screen with 20:9 screen aspect ratio and 720 x 1600 resolution for a wider, clearer, immersive display effect, rich color contrast, and great visual experience.
  • It comes with a 5,000 mAh battery that stays charged longer, ideal for photography, gaming, browsing, video streaming, and music.
  • It runs with HiOS for a more intelligent and convenient user experience, with a brand new dark theme feature that uses less phone battery and causes less eye strain.

These are the features that will get your interests. It is a powerful and functional gadget that is very affordable.  

Now here's my review of this TECNO Spark 6 Go. 

  1. When it comes to its design and size, The Spark 6 Go is on par with the other existing models in the market. Easy to handle, that is if you have more than the average size of hands. So its downside probably is for those who have cute, petit hands. They need to hold the smartphone with two hands. They will need a selfie stick for this one.
  2. I love the 6.52-inch screen. For movie fanatics and or gamer wannabes, this gadget is an entry-level smartphone to practice your skills. It got clear pictures and a screen display that even your seatmate will try to look at what you are watching or playing.
  3. RAM and Storage Capacity. For a smartphone that ranges from Php4,000 up to Php6,500, this phone right on the budget. Its storage capacity and processing unit are OKAY for an average Joe. 
  4. Sim card and data storage. For this feature of the phone, I think this is the old one feature where you need to take off the back cover to insert your sim card and micro SD card. Sometimes it is hard to take off the back cover and would eventually lead to a break or, worse, it could suddenly fall. The good side of this feature is that others couldn't easily take off your sim or SD card. 

In totality, I highly recommend the TECNO Spark 6 go for people on a tight budget but want to have the value of a high-end powerful device.  


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