Devant Brings the Best of Summer Into Your Homes

 The warmer months are definitely here, and while you may not be able to spend it under the sun, it doesn’t mean that summertime should be any less fun. It is totally possible to enjoy a different kind of summer at home, and Devant can help make this happen. The brand brings the best of summer into your homes, so you can stay safe and worry-free indoors. Its feature-packed offerings, like the Devant Smart Quantum 4K TV Series, is perfect for this. 

Big screens mean big entertainment, and this is exactly what you get with the Devant Smart Quantum 4K TV, which is available in 65”, 55”, and 50”. Its Quantum Ultra HD 3840x2160 resolution gives you a crisp and clear image, reminiscent of scenic views on a perfect summer day. It runs the Vidaa U Operating System, with a simplified, easy to navigate interface that is fully customizable to suit your needs. 

Through the VIDAA STORE, an HTML5-based storefront of exciting apps that are all optimized for TV, you can get all the apps you need for entertainment. Missing the sea? Watch movies and TV shows set on the beach on Netflix. You can also use YouTube to learn how to make summer-friendly food and drinks, like smoothies and fresh cold salads. And, with Anyview Cast, you can mirror your phone screen onto your TV to watch and relive all the fun memories of past summers on a larger screen.

Here are all the fantastic Devant Smart Quantum 4K TV features that you can enjoy:

Available in 65”, 55”, and 50”

Quantum Ultra HD 3840x2160

Vidaa U Operating System

VIDAA App Store

HDR Compatible

Ultra Smooth Motion