“A LIFE WELL SPENT” Ms. Kris Aquino’s Gentle Heart for her Children and Supporters


They say that mother’s love is the most unconditional and the purest form of love. This was epitomized by one of the most celebrated personality in the Philippine show business hailed as the “Queen of All Media”, a highly sought-after endorser, an empowered career woman, and a caring mother to her children, that is – Ms. Kris Aquino.

In a recently posted appreciation video wherein she expressed her heartfelt thanks to all her followers and supporters, her passion and dedication as a mother was highlighted when said that “the best thing I have done in my life is that I raised a good kid”. This only clearly shows how a mother relentlessly treasures her child with all of the success and challenges that comes her life.

Her viewers also expressed their appreciation to Ms. Kris Aquino’s gesture of protective love as a mother by posting:

“Isa ka po talaga sa mga idol ko Ms. Kris lalo na the way you protect and love your children!”

I admire your kindness and mother heart to protect your kids. Stay safe Ms. Kris”.

Another follower sees Ms. Kris Aquino as a very likeable and loving mother by commenting:

Bilib talaga ako kay Ms. Kris super cool nya as a mom!

Napaka smart and loving mother talaga ni Ms. Kris”.

What makes Ms. Kris Aquino an exceptional person is that she even used her platform to extend help to those who are in need during this trying times of crisis by giving cash incentive to selected subscribers in Facebook and Instagram.

One follower commented the following:

I’m glad to see you on social media again Ms. Kris A. Helping others in need especially during this pandemic is not only a responsibility. It is what gives meaning to life. Your endeavour of sharing Bimb’s birthday by giving financial assistance to us greatly affected by the Pandemic is but an amazing love. You’ve raised both your sons to be caring, loving, and giving just like a “good samaritan

A truly remarkable person with heart of a gentle mother to her children and a compassionate person to those who are in need. She only proves that the purpose of living is by giving love and sharing your blessings to the people surrounds you.  She lives by the hashtag: #justlive #mabuhay #lovelovelove.