ABS-CBN Anti-Piracy Head Elisha Lawrence to Speak at the 2nd Brand Protection V-Congress on May 20

As counterfeit products surge in the shadow of the COVID-19 outbreak, protecting consumers and a company's brand identity becomes more important than ever.


World BI, a global conference company, is helping provide solutions by organizing a top quality, virtual conference of experts who will share real life experiences about how they overcome counterfeit offerings currently flooding various markets and how to navigate brand protection strategies.


Enter the 2nd Brand Protection V-Congress scheduled starting tomorrow, May 20, to May 21, at 12:30 CET. Among the speakers in the conference is ABS-CBN International's Assistant Vice President of Global Anti-Piracy and General Counsel Elisha Lawrence, Esq.  Lawrence will speak from Los Angeles on May 20 on Internet Piracy Control and Cross-border Trade.  Joining Lawrence on the virtual panel are ECommerce Foundation Managing Director Prof. Jorij Abraham (based in London) and Brand Protection Director and Legal Counsel for MCM APAC Miller Wang (based in Shanghai).


Other topics to be discussed by dozens of speakers in the two-day virtual conference are:


  • Supply Chain Intelligence for Brand Protection
  • How to Turn the Tide of the Booming Counterfeit Market
  • The EU IP Action Plan and the Fight Against Counterfeiting
  • Amazon Brand Protection Tools-Automated Protections, Brand Registry and Project Zero
  • New Digital Threats to Your Brand
  • AAFA Perspective: IP Policy and Engagement in Washington, DC
  • How to Ensure Brand Protection and Integrity in COVID 19
  • Data Breach: How An Unmanaged Event May Result in Impacting Business Reputation and How to Best React
  • Managing IP Brand Protection Within An International Conglomerate
  • Promoting Brand and Trademark Matters Within An Organization
  • Amazon Brand Protection and New Initiatives
  • Introducing Optical Chip Technology
  • Pillars of Brand Assurance

and many more.


For more information and to sign up, visit https://worldbigroup.com/conference/virtual-brand-protection-congress/.  The agenda for the conference can be found here at https://bpdc.floor.bz/.