5 Things Not to Do in Major Cities

Photo credit to premierevanlines.com

A pet peeve is something that annoys you. This includes bad habits, loud noises, and inconsiderate behaviors from others. Everyone has their own set of pet peeves that really gnaws at them. A particular habit that sends one person into a full-blown rage will barely be noticed by another. To avoid annoying others in big cities, here are a few things not to do in major cities. 

When you are walking around a big city, it’s best not to stop in the middle of the sidewalk - please stay to your right. Riding on an escalator - stay to the right, so people that want to walk can pass you on the left. Big city living will require lots of walking, and invest in good walking shoes. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will have you cranky for days due to sore feet. Don’t be a slow walker. Most people in big, major cities are rushing to be somewhere. Keep it moving. And finally, please don’t feed the pigeons. 

Pros to living in a big city

The job market is better, although more competitive, there is more opportunity and room for advancement. With millions of people living in close proximity, cities offer unlimited social potential for friends and networking. Shopping in the city presents a multitude of options. You’ll find all your classic, larger brand stores - to smaller, artisan craft shops all within a relatively small radius.

Although the cost of living and homes for sale in Toronto can be expensive - Toronto is Canada’s financial capital, and it’s a great place to be to enjoy a thriving career in business. Toronto offers many unique neighborhoods throughout the city. Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. 

Living in a big city has health benefits. You definitely walk more, more restaurants offering more healthy food choices, fitness centers are everywhere. Gyms/fitness centers won’t be limited to weights, you will have more classes like - barre, yoga, pilates, spin, etc. You will have the opportunity for community gardening, farmers’ markets on every block, and better access to mental health treatment.  

The sites of big city living can not go unmentioned. Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the High Line, and Atlantic Ocean Coastline, which is longer than the Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco coastlines combined. There are plenty of museums and galleries you can visit often. Finally - big city theater - uptown, downtown, off-Broadway, and Broadway.