Spare Time on Turns More Time on it


Online games are my kind of entertainment in my era, and if you ask me about Mario Bros or a thing about Galaga, I would give a blank face. Honestly, I don’t know much about these old-school games. Though Mario Bros is very popular, the only Mario game that I encountered was Mario Kart (I think). The old ones, I think, I wasn’t born yet when that game was all around. But if you ask me about the current ones, especially the MMORPG or the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, I think I can say much about it. This is my era and what I like most about this game is that you get to know other players as well, aside from the fact that you enjoy playing the game.

Some of the games that I have played in this category of online games are MU, Ran Online, and Ragnarok Online. Though I have played a lot already, I forgot the other games, but these few stand out.

This kind of game can give you a chance to earn items or relics that you can keep and use in the game to upgrade or strengthen your character. You can also trade with other players, or you can simply sell them. The rarer the item is the higher the price.

Of course, I also enjoy playing some other games like the games in .IO sites. They are cute simple games that would let you pass the boredom, but we all know that these games don’t have any sense of completion or record gains that you can boast around.

Oh, before I forgot, I also did play the recent viral games. The Plants vs. Zombies, it’s quite cute playing this game, who would have thought of a story about plants and zombies fighting. The rise of Clash of Clans or COC, building your town and defending it is interesting, too. The Flappy Bird also gained my attention, a simple 2d game version, but truly, it requires hand and eyes coordination. Lastly, Candy Crush, which always comes into my mind about jelly beans.

I like them all, but of course, we will try to find something new to entertain us. A new game with some concept of the old ones, probably.

In my usual spare time, I always dig around on the net and try to find interesting games to play with. is just one of the many finds on the internet with a bunch of active games to play with. Most of them are 2D games, it’s simple but will surely get you out of your boredom, or if you’re eyes and hand don’t completely coordinate with others, then probably, these games can help solve that problem.

After a few searches on this website, I find the games interesting and entertaining to play with. I enjoyed it very much that one time I nearly forgot the time and I have been playing for almost two hours already. Talk about spare time.

Some of the games that I played are the one about the current pandemic, Covid19 which shows how this virus can easily spread if not treated immediately, the flight simulation that let you practice your decision making and your eye-hand coordination, the other one is about throwing arrows at the enemy and stops them from reaching your base. It’s quite interesting for me, someone who grew up almost the 3D and MMORPG will actually like something like these 2D games.

So, if you have time to spare, you can check out the website yourself Plays.Org and see what games you would be willing to spare your time playing and enjoying.