The Most Resilient Jobs amid COVID-19

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease has a huge impact on the world’s economy. During the outbreak, several countries started to take action and use isolation measures to stop the virus from spreading. As a result, companies are in a difficult situation, and many people have lost their jobs. However, tech professionals have been able to be resilient and help organizations to move forward despite the outbreak. 

As people continue to endure isolation, organizations promote remote working as employees stay at home. As a result, the demand for online services increased. For that reason, companies needed tech talents like mobile developers who can provide solutions to meet customer needs.

Also, many unemployed people started to spend their time learning new skills that could benefit them in the future. However, one of the biggest questions they have is: what kinds of skills should be learned? In effect, they are not only concerned about what skills they need but also what job roles are in demand as the outbreak continues.

Given these points, in this article, we are going to discuss what are the most resilient jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, you will learn what you need to know to meet employer requirements. In like manner, this article will provide you with the right information to be prepared for future hard times.

Web Developers

During this period of uncertainty, website traffic has increased significantly because everyone is online. Sites and up and running because web developers can still provide the help customers need to accomplish daily-life tasks. In effect, after the outbreak, organizations will start to hire skilled web developers able to build sophisticated websites to meet users’ requirements. Walmart’s website is still essential for customers as they do their groceries online.

Web developers are still in high demand. It is because as days pass, more and more companies need a digital presence. Customers are used to online services, and now they find more comfortable buying online rather than in-person. 

In the same way, it is important to point out that websites not only allow companies to sell products and services. In effect, they also allow companies to reduce costs and expand their market options.

Thinkful is a company that offers exceptional courses in web development. The company allows aspirants to learn from the comfort of their homes as it provides online programs. In like manner, their courses are designed to meet students’ demands. For that reason, they can enroll in full-time or part-time courses.

Also, as Thinkful is aware of these hard times. The company provides students with different types of financing options. Thinkful is committed to its students’ success. For that reason, students receive help from the best mentors, as well as career coaches and academic success managers.

Under those circumstances, if you are in the middle of an unemployment situation, you should consider learning with Thinkful’s team to make use of the extra time. 

Digital Marketers

As customers have started to use more digital channels to buy products, digital marketers become essential. Companies need to find a solution to increase their customers’ reach as well as their sales during uncertain situations. Digital marketers are those tech professionals able to plan strategies to help organizations move forward.

Digital marketers use digital tools to reach specific audiences. For example, skilled digital marketers who are proficient in using search engine optimization (SEO) tools have become vital. It is because they help companies increase their ranking as well as their brand awareness.

Also, as more customers use websites to make their purchases, companies need professionals proficient in efficient advertisement design. For that reason, and many more, digital marketers are and will still be essential for companies to run.

With this in mind, it is important to say that General Assembly offers remarkable courses where you can start a career as a digital marketer. At General Assembly, you will be able to learn job-ready skills that will make you stand out over other candidates. In effect, you will receive support from experts in 1-on-1 sessions to keep you motivated.

Social Media Managers  

Social networks have transformed the world. In effect, they have changed the way people interact and how companies sell their products. Nowadays, social networks are fundamental for companies to gather valuable information from customers. They provide business accounts with several features that could help organizations analyze and interpret collected data.

In the same way, social networks have played a key role in e-commerce. For this reason, social media managers are crucial for companies to increase their sales as well as provide excellent customer services.

Also, social media managers help companies to engage and retain customers. Under those circumstances, companies increase their profits and brand recognition. 

Social media managers are able to push companies to go through these challenging times. It is so because they help organizations and customers to stay connected.