Joel Cruz Donates 2 Million Pesos to Complete Renovation of Nuestra Señora Del Perpetuo Socorro Parish Church


Joel Cruz, renowned fragrance entrepreneur, owner of Aficionado, and the number one supporter of charitable institutions has done it again by donating 2 Million Pesos to complete the renovation of the Nuestra Señora Del Perpetuo Socorro Parish Church located at Calamba Street, Sampaloc, Manila. The donation has been made possible through the succesful concert entitled MARIA, Bukod Kang Pinagpala Thanksgiving Concert, held at the Metropolitan Theater.

During the interview with Joel Cruz, the renovation project of the parish church took nine (9) years to complete. This year is the expected completion of the renovation right before the transfer of its parish priest, Father Jerome R. Secillano to another church. It will be the legacy of Father Jerome to its parishioners.

Since the start of the Parish renovation nine years ago, Joel Cruz has been helping for the church to raise funds for it completion. Joel even shared that when his kids where baptised he requested the Ninongs and Ninangs cash instead to be donated for the church.

The event was a success and what's more is that the church will be completed very soon.

During the interview, Joel Cruz shared bits of stories about his kids that leads to asking if there someone from his kids spiked interest in the business. Again Joel is thankful for his 8 wonderful kids.

Catch more of the interview with Joel Cruz at my youtube channel Starring Entertainment.