Meralco and One Meralco Foundation Goes the Extra Mile to Light Up Remote Communities


Electricity is the life of the nation, what would it be if our country is still in the past where brownouts and blackouts are the usual scenes?

Fortunately, those days are somewhat in the past. Today, we have a more stable source of electricity. Perhaps the concern today is those areas that are hard-to-reach communities that wanted to have a taste of the luxury of light, most especially at night time.

We all know that most of the things we use at present are run by electricity, and having that equipment and machines ease our workloads. So, if we don't have power and electricity there will be a domino effect on all things in our community and even the country.

Meralco, one of the biggest distributors of electric power in the country spent a day with us, bloggers, to extend their hands in reaching more of their customers through social media, bloggers, and influencers.

It was an afternoon of food and information with the executives of Meralco, Mr. Joe Zaldarriaga, Vice President for Corporate Communication of Meralco, and Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao, the President of One Meralco Foundation. If you're familiar with the Meralco Updates videos, well, it's Mr. Zaldarriaga or known as Tito Joe.

Mr. Zaldarriaga gave a few updates and upcoming initiatives from Meralco. Of course, there are the usual safety tips and precautions with the use of electricity.

The topic that strikes the most is the activities of the One Meralco Foundation, which is led by Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao as President. One of its major projects is the lighting project for those hard-to-reach areas and communities. Their usual project is solar panels which are much easier to harness. Now they are more in providing solar lamps for the fisherfolks and forest rangers. Like what we usually in toy commercials, on these solar lamps, batteries are not included because it is solar powered.

Mr. Tarayao shared most of the projects and how they reach and pick these far from civiliation communities. He even disclosed that they might include us in their future activities.

Right now they are running their advocacy #LightUpPilipnas campaign, an initiative to give power and light to hard-to-reach communities.