Taste the Flavorful Buko Pie of Balai Palmera


Tasty and yummy pastries you can find in the Southern Tagalog region, the Buko Pie. With the abundance of coconut trees in the area, people tried to formulate dishes and pastries that can include coconut meat. With the creation of this pastry in the past, now it is a hit on every Filipino's palate.

Balai Palmera, one of the stores in Silang, Cavite offers a thick and coconut meatier fillings of Buko Pie. It is made of fresh coconut meat top with different flavors to make it creamier.

Balai Palmera Pasalubong is open to help you bring that flavorful Buko Pie into your houses. Visit Balai Palmera in Silang, Cavite.

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