Guitar Apparel is pleased tò welcome its newest ambassador - Myrtle Sarrosa. Known as Myrtle by her fans, she is an actress, host, singer and songwriter, gamer, and cosplayer. She is the full entertainment package rolled into one.

Because of her talents and as her values are very much aligned with Guitar's it is making

Myrtle its new face. With over 60 years of providing quality and affordable clothes and setting fashion trends for Filipinos, Myrtle joins a rich line of Guitar endorsers. Joining Myrtle and Gloc- 9 in this new campaign - "What Icons Wear" are Rachel Anne Daquis (Volleyball) and Mark Mugen Striegl (MMA).

"I am so happy po to be part of the brand that has been in the market since 1960 and they are so welcoming po and am excited to collaborate with them and share my creativity as well for a line that might be co-branded as Myrtle Collection," Sarrosa said.

Guitar President Andy Kho is pleased with the latest collaboration with Myrtle Sarrosa, noting that adding her as ambassador is a huge step forward in the growth of the brand.

"We welcome with open arms Myrtle Sarrosa as she joins the Guitar family. She is an icon especially to the new generation of Filipinos whom we wish to connect with. After the covid-19 pandemic that put life in to a standstill, we are ready to expand our product line from basic underwear to sleepwear; from polo shirts to casual jeans, all in our bid to bring back normalcy in our lives. By and large, we want to introduce new fashion styles, with Myrtle as our icon.

Myrtle Sarrosa is going to be formally launched at 3pm on the 30th of November 2022 at Bean Leaf Café in Fisher Mall. This is shortly followed by a cosplay competion to be judged by Myrtle at the activity center of the mall.

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Established in 1960 by the late Mr. Choa Bengtong, Guitar Apparel has been a tradition that is passed on the new generation who incorporates the strict adherence to quality while injecting vibrant and innovative ideas to their product lines. What began as a small business venture became one of the most enduring products still preferred even by second and third generation whose father wore this brand of shirts.

The company's classic t-shirt is still the favorite casuals and is considered as a must wear for all generations popularized by Hollywood legends during the 1950's. It transcended its status from a mere undergarment to a necessity like denim jeans which is being paired with almost anything.

Guitar has been known and labelled as a premium brand of underwear since its launch in the 60's. While the market is continuously evolving, the brand evolved as well, expanding its product line from basic underwear to innerwear and sleepwear, to socks, to polo shirts, school uniforms and denim/casual jeans. Guitar's vision to become a domestic leader in Philippine textile industry has materialized through the realization of its new series of products.