The Hidden Agenda Behind the Mining Industry in Sibuyan Island - You Won't Believe Who's Involved!

The Domino effect! 

Sibuyan Island has been the talk in the world wide web, and in every news, it has been reported and featured in different media platforms because of the situation. We may say that the term Sibuyan Island has been one of the many term to be use.

The place is known as the "Galapagos of Asia" for its beauty and mineral-rich deposits like nickel and iron. Mining has brought jobs and economic growth to some of the residents, but it's also faced criticism for its effects on the environment and local communities. Water sources have been contaminated and the ecosystem has been damaged by deforestation and soil erosion.

Even though there's been pushback against mining, companies like Dynamo Atlantic Ltd., Sibuyan Nickel Properties Dev’t Corp., and Altai Philippines Mining Corp. have ignored warnings from the government's DENR agency and continued to exploit the island's resources.

And here's the thing, there have been reports of connections between Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, DSWD Sec Rex Gatchalian, and Kenneth Gatchalian with Altai Philippines Mining Corporation. And get this, Kenneth Gatchalian, the Senator's brother, is a direct benefactor of Dynamo Atlantic Ltd., which acquired Sibuyan Nickel Properties Dev't Corp., a partner of Altai Philippines Mining Corp (APMC).

The fact that mining is not that beneficial, let us stand strong with "No to Mining."