2023 Metro Manila Summer film Festival: LOVE YOU LONG TIME

Love You Long time is one of the official entries for 2023 Metro Manila Summer film Festival, It's set to be released on April 08, 2023 starring Carlo Aquino, Eisel Serrano, Ana Abad Santos, and Meann Espinosa. The film is directed by JP Habac, by Gena Tenaja, and is under Studio Three Sixty.

It's about a young romance screenwriter who suffers her biggest heartbreak causing her to hit a brick wall with her writing until she meets and falls in love with a mysterious guy from the past through an old push-to-talk phone.


After years and years of romantic comedies and love stories, we may have truly fucked up what it means to be in love. It has almost become something automatic, a routine or at least something already plotted out with predictable plot points.

And this is what his longtime girlfriend tells Eulogio Leonida that after six years of being together, their relationship has gone state and outrightly rejects his proposal of marriage. It has also affected her work as a romance screenwriter, and when they broke up, Eulogio had no say as Ikay (Eisel Serrano) decided to pack her bags and go to the province.

On the way to Baguio, Ikay mysteriously meets a new guy Uly (Carlo Aquino) through and old push-to-talk phone. They immediately connect and become friends. The two explore this friendship turning into love, but of course not without complications as Uly seems to be from the past.

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